Let’s Fly Like An Eagle. Heartwarming and Lighthearted, “Eddie the Eagle” Inspires.


Finally got around to watching this one! “Eddie the Eagle” is biographical sports dramedy film directed by the amazing Dexter Fletcher (director of “Rocketman” as well). The film tells the story of British skier Michael “Eddie” Edwards. Notable for in 1988 becoming the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping since 1928.Finally got around to watching this one!

I admit, I had no idea who “Eddie the Eagle” was before doing some research about him prior to watching this movie. I just really wanted to watch the other film Dexter Fletcher worked on with Taron Egerton. I gotta say these two could become like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, which I sincerely hope happens (though hopefully in a more successful way arguably overall). I’ve seen 2 of their films together now and thoroughly enjoyed both, though “Rocketman” holds a very special place in my heart and is in my opinion a better film. That is however not taking anything away from this film. It has so much heart and spirit in it, I can tell when directors give a damn about their source material.

We get more great character acting by Taron, he seems to be making a great career out of biopic related film. In an interview I watched the real-life Eddie Edwards highly approve of/complemented Taron’s accuracy of portraying him in his youth. Which cannot be short of the best compliment you can get as an actor. Facial expressions seem to play a huge role in this film, which Taron particularly seemingly always does a really good job with. Eddie the man himself seems like such an eccentric, lovable and interesting guy, but in this movie his character portrayal didn’t grip me fully. I hate to make comparisons, but Elton John in “Rocketman” was very very gripping to me as a character portrayal. In this we don’t get as much deep seeded emotion within an in-depth driven character story. This could be because Eddie was more private, but I don’t know him/his story very well.

As a biographical film, we hit all of the beats in a charming way. The humor hits and it’s a lot of fun! Its a film that is so inspirational and heartwarming that beside myself I grinned like an idiot the whole way through. Though the “cheese” factor gets a little high at points. Enough to the point where I felt a little disappointed in the formulaic script writing. Its “feel good” but almost to a fault. Apparently this movie was in production hell for 17 years or something like that? Though not unheard of, it might explain why they went for the more “conventional” writing methods during the creation of this.

There are many positives though. We get some really beautiful shots of snow, mountain peaks, slopes, real ski jumping, etc. Though some of the close-up shots of Taron definitely looked a little dodgy, it’s obvious that Taron didn’t’ do any of these stunts himself so it was necessary. I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, people train for years to do these very dangerous jumps. I loved the use of locations like parts of Germany and the UK to film, very crisp bright filmography. That paired with the very bubbly soundtrack made it feel lively.

Apparently, Hugh Jackman’s character is a complete work of fiction, though I understand why they created him for the sake of the film. Him being there didn’t take away from the real Eddie’s achievements. The screenwriter and director probably felt like they needed another main character to work off of Taron’s “Eddie”. I didn’t really feel like Christopher Walken’s character way necessary though at all, he just kind of shows up at the end of the film. Not that he’s portraying poor acting in this, it was just so out of nowhere.

Here’s my final thoughts. The movie is short and will make you feel good, warm and bubbly afterwards. So I can’t really complain about that! I wish for more depth, but not every movie needs that for me to enjoy it. I watched this with my dad and he is not an emotional person at all. He teared up and I was shocked! So it’s message and purpose was served.

Current Rating: 4/5 Shots Of Milk

“Alex Strangelove” is confusing?


I can see why to many this film might be “problematic” to the LGBTQ community. Many wanted it to be a representation of Bisexuality or at least Bi-Curious culture. However, being a “bi woman” myself I didn’t find it offensive for the most part. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would! The plot goes as follows. Alex Truelove has been best friends with Claire for a long time. After kissing one night they begin dating. Although, after 8 months they still haven’t had sex. Determined to lose his virginity, Alex plans a special night in a hotel with Claire. Alex then meets Elliot at a party, an openly gay teenager whom Alex bonds with immediately. Eventually, Alex begins to question his feelings towards Elliot and his own sexuality.

So seeing as this Netflix movie and “Love Simon” came out the same year, it’s clear that comparisons will be made. I would say I enjoyed this movie about as much as “Love Simon”, I had issues with both but in different ways. Many of the things I really enjoyed about this film centered around the writers not tip-toeing around sex! “Love Simon” felt like a more romanticized version of high-school, whereas this felt more real. I liked the idea of comparing animals mating within the wild to high-school students, not an overly new concept (Mean Girls) but it worked within this film. They also didn’t shy away from the concept of experimentation and sexuality correlating.

All that being said so far, there was also homophobia riddled throughout this film that was very distracting to me. Is it realistic? Well yeah, but it’s coming from Alex’s “friends” and doesn’t end with any consequences. One friend even basically sexually harasses Alex by flashing him and it’s never brought up again! It’s not okay to include that within a movie and not follow-through on what actually would happen in those type of situations. Then all of those “friends” just are okay by the end of the film? It didn’t really add up.

Back to positives though. The film has some good humor, for example the entire drug-tripping scene was fantastic! Also the actors portraying Alex and Elliot actually had really cute chemistry. I could believe they would become attracted to each other and ultimately date. I also thought Alex and Claire had great chemistry, though obviously in a different way. I believed more in this romance story than in “Love Simon”, though both were “heart-warming”.

Overall, another decent LGBTQ film. If you’re a fan of these kind of films, then go watch it! If not, well you won’t be missing masterpiece necessarily but its a fun watch. The message drives home enough at the end where it didn’t feel completely overlooked. I would actually be interested in a sequel to this, whereas “Love Simon” does not have that same feeling. Yeah Alex and Elliot have their Cinderella dance moment at the end, but what about creating an actual relationship? Give us the real, full-picture tea! Though I’m doubting that may happen because I have heard little to no buzz about it. Fans can only hope.

Current Rating: 3/5 Lawn Gnomes