“Call Me by Your Name” Showcases Gripping Self-Discovery Romance.


This honestly was my most anticipated Oscar nominated movie of 2018. “Call me by your name” is based on a book by André Aciman. It’s plot centers around Elio (played by Timothee Chalamet), a 17-year-old boy who lives in Italy with his father and mother. His father’s 24-year-old American assistant Oliver (played by Armie Hammer) comes to stay with the family over the summer. As everyone adjusts to Oliver being there, Elio starts to develop a strong connection with Oliver. One that both confuses him and intrigues him.

Any LGBTQ centered movie I will always support, whether it’s portrayed correctly and with respect is the question. The director (Luca Guadagnino) both captures the beauty of Italy, the elegance of the French language and the affection of two people falling in love so perfectly that it brought me to tears. This movie is written, shot and composed breathtakingly. There are so many filmed shots in this that looked unreal and just showcased architecture that made me drool.

I immediately downloaded the entire soundtrack, which is comprised of various piano centered pieces and amazing tracks from Sufjan Stevens. Everything together just just perfect. The actors all brought their A-game, especially Timothee Chalamet. Though I do think Armie Hammer as Oliver looks slightly older than he should (he’s meant to be 24 to Elio’s 17), his performance makes up for this nit-pick. The emotion flowing through each actor had me feeling exactly how they felt in that moment. As I’ve stated before in previous posts, romantic chemistry in film that feels believable is so hard to come by! This film made it feel like it flowed so effortlessly. First loves are complicated, awkward, exciting, panicking and much much more. We get various representations of these throughout this movie and it’s so relatable and engaging to watch.

I also love that this movie didn’t shy away from the harsh reality of first love, age differences and what its like to grapple with your own sexuality. This movie will make you emotional! Don’t expect your average romance story-telling, this film is so much deeper than that. Please go see it if you haven’t already, it’s a work of art.

Current Rating: 5/5 Risque Peaches