“Birdman” is what filmmaking is all about.


Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. This is what the academy awarded this movie with in 2015. I tend not to rely on the Oscar’s to deem what great filmmaking is, however they are absolutely right with this one. “Birdman” is a masterful film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. It follows a fading actor whom is known for his role as a popular superhero Birdman. He attempts to make a comeback in the form of a Broadway play, along the way he is faced with difficulty reconnecting with his daughter, technical difficulties and hearing Birdman’s voice within himself.

Exceptional from beginning to end. “Birdman” exceeded my already high expectations. Beginning with the cinematography, the films one-take-shot appearance was done incredibly effectively. Panning shots replace cuts in an ambitious and flawless fashion. Mimicking that of actual live theatre. The music paired with these scene transitions is so effective and bombastic!

Michael Keaton was fantastic in this film, definitely one of his best performances to date. Perfect casting seeing as he’s a late actor now and formally was known for portraying Batman in the Tim Burton films. Everybody else (Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Zach Galifianakis, etc) flowed seamlessly in the story too. I loved the introduction of Birdman’s voice talking, nagging and criticizing Riggan. Also the “superpowers” coupled with his clear descent into madness and depression was great. There’s quite a lot of visual effects in this at various parts of the film that had the average moviegoer confused. Many thought this movie was an “action superhero flick” at its most basic definition. This is definitely not the case and the film is much much more than that.

The film sparks up a great discussion on fame, being haunted by a role and staying relevant. These themes made for some really powerful scenes full of emotion and melancholy. But also plenty of dark-comedy to go around! Absolutely stunning and I loved every moment of it. I could only dream and wish that filmmakers would always take such measures to create amazing works of art like this. It’s one of those Best Picture winners that actually made sense completely to me. I’m looking forward to seeing many more works from Alejandro in the future, this film and “The Revenant are so beyond what many directors of this time can accomplish.

Current Rating: 5/5 Abandoned Taxis

Welcome To A Film Freak’s Journey!

Dearest welcomes to everyone!

Hello beautiful human beings. My name is Shannon and this is my blog that I randomly started one summer day. Which by the way are far and few in between when you live in Buffalo, NY. Film to me is the universal language of love, sorrow, pain, excitement, fear and so much more. We bring potentially hundreds of people to showcase a movie together and hopefully enjoy the time we spend with our eyes glued to the screen. I appreciate film in such a deeper level that I have made the decision to go into film production! Yay finally a life decision! I see film as potential to create art , or even create a fantastic disaster that we can all sit back and laugh at lovingly…or not so lovingly sometimes. But that’s okay! Not everything created is a masterpiece, but I still love to discuss with others my opinions on what makes a film life-changing or forgetful the next day.

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